The Philly Anti-Repression Fund is a resource for people in Philadelphia fighting against racism, cisheterosexism, and all other forms of control and exploitation. The state criminalizes actions that threaten to change the status quo, especially actions taken by already marginalized populations, people who are unaffiliated with activist organizations, and people going on the offensive to get free. We provide support for those actions in particular.BellhammerPolicing and repression are increasing, making it nearly impossible for people to push back against power and exploitation without being violently punished by the state and condemned by everyone else. This bail fund and anti-repression crew exists in order to do the opposite. We fully endorse everyday resistance to structural power, and we offer resources on this site to materially support people acting in small or big ways to get free from misery and disempowerment and take their lives back. By providing financial and logistical support for these kinds of activities, we aim to directly reduce the risks, stigma and other deterrents attached to them and spread everyday activities that move us towards getting out of the control of the state.